Q: Is the service free?
A: Yes, our service is free and doesn’t cost you anything to use. There are no sign-up costs or cancellation fees if you decided to stop using our service. We only take a small commission when a purchase is made on the app. You never pay us, we always pay you.

Example: Steven purchases a pass for $10, now he can use your gym, and that is when we take the commission. Same concept if Sarah purchases a $50 salon package. Commissions vary per business model.

Q: What about waiver forms?
A: The user is instructed to sign a waiver form once the app is downloaded on their device. This provides protection on both ends between us and your business. Waiver forms can be requested if needed by contacting us at thegoappcontact@gmail.com with the username of the client you need.

Q: Can I adjust my pass/package prices?
A: Yes, your admin panel allows you to customize pictures, prices, and your business description. We do recommend certain price points you can view within the contract. If you have any questions regarding what prices you should set, contact us.

Q: Can I sell anything in my refreshments/store?
A: Yes, we allow you to market and sell 3 prime products directly from our app. There is also a miscellaneous charge button for someone to purchase anything else in your store that is not one of the three you have already chosen. A small commission on these items is charged as well.

Q: How are refunds issued?
A: Please view our refund policy here.

Any other questions? We would be happy to assist. Please contact us via live chat or email.